History and philosophy

“Having grown up with the pharmaceutical industry, I realised that most commercialized pharmaceutical products fail to meet the growing demands and expectations of their users. Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle myself, I therefore want the care products that I use to have the same values: family, innovation, passion, health and nature. 

And so in 2011 as part of the work on my thesis for my Business Engineering diploma, I decided to create Bee Nature: a range of natural skincare products based on honey. It is a small range; at the moment there are 9 products, intended for everyday use by the whole family. Having received the Elle Business Award, for female entrepreneurs, I decided to commit myself fully to this enterprise. Thanks to the support of a crowd funding campaign over the following months, Bee Nature was founded in 2012 and we started marketing the products through pharmacies.

The company has grown over the years; it now has a staff of 4 motivated and dynamic individuals. Our products are made in Belgium by a Social Enterprise that assists the economic integration of disabled people.

In April 2017, after two years of research and development, we launched our new range of natural care products specifically designed for the sensitive skin of babies: Babee Nature.

Bee Nature has developed a broad expertise in natural dermocosmetic products for family use. We are committed to providing the most appropriate care, by combining their natural compositions, healthy for the health and the environment, to a good dermatological tolerance. Pioneers in this field, we have created the concept of Natural Dermatology®, which has become a reference in this domain.

We work every day to create genuine well-being by sharing our passion for enjoyment and care, proposing the highest quality innovative care products whilst taking care to respond, with respect and simplicity, to the needs and desires of our customers.”

Marine André

Founder of Bee Nature