Bee Nature is a Belgian laboratory of natural dermocosmetic care. Discover how our products are made, from conception in Lasne to production in the province of Luxembourg!


  1. Creation and development

Each product is first imagined and designed under pharmaceutical expertise in our premises in Lasne. We carefully select our ingredients and look for the optimal combination for a natural and effective formula. Our products contain between 2 and 5% honey, which is 10 times more than traditional honey-based products. Once the formula is developed, it is validated by dermatologists, and the first prototypes are developed. Then begins a cycle of tests and optimizations, in order to make possible adjustments to improve the texture of the product, its stability, etc. All this is then confirmed by stability and conservation tests, as well as dermatological and usage tests.

Our formulation requirements are the highest in the natural skin care market. As pioneers in the field of natural dermatology, our products must combine the following requirements: more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin, high content of active ingredients with high added value, components that respect health and the environment, good skin tolerance, etc.

The development of a product therefore requires time: one and a half years on average, and it can take up to 2 years.


  1. The selection of raw materials

The honey we use in our products is provided by Oxfam. It comes from organic beekeeping and fair trade. All our natural ingredients (vegetable oils, shea butter, etc.) are also organically grown to avoid pesticides and pollutants.


  1. Weighing

All ingredients are meticulously weighed in an adapted environment. The operators are subject to production hygiene rules and must therefore wear the appropriate clothing (mask, cap, gloves and work clothes).


  1. The manufacturing process

Once all the ingredients are weighed, they are heated to a temperature of up to 75-80°C and added to the tank at different times. They are then mixed for several hours. The honey is added only at the end of the process, when the temperature is lowered to 30°C, in order not to denature it and thus preserve its natural benefits.


  1. The draining

Once the mixture is finished, some physico-chemical tests are carried out; the pH and the viscosity of the product in particular because they are important criteria in dermocosmetics. Once the tests have been carried out, the product is transferred to a storage tank and then taken to the filling area.


  1. Filling

Filling is carried out in an ETA (Etablissement de Travail Adapté) which inserts disabled people into the work environment.

The caps are already positioned and welded on the tubes. The tubes are filled from the top, which is then welded closed. The machine used is capable of filling 22 tubes per minute! We chose opaque tubes to protect our natural care products from sunlight. We pay great attention to our ecological footprint, which is why our products are sold without additional packaging.


  1. Quality control

Each tube is visually inspected to verify the conformity of the packaging (orientation of the closure, quality of the seal, etc.). The filling volume is also checked by selecting and weighing a tube at random every 20 minutes.


Once all these steps are completed, the products are ready to be delivered to your home and to points of sale (pharmacies, organic stores, childcare stores, etc.), to our great delight, and yours of course!

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