The cold of autumn returns…

The month of October often means quite important temperature changes. Between the last rays of sun, the arrival of the wind and the rain, we get lost. It’s also the end of summer and the beginning of fall, a return to more cocooning evenings. So there is no question of losing our good green and organic habits for our beauty routine; we adapt it for a skin prepared to face winter. Here are our tips for a soft and luminous skin.

 width=We rethink our beauty careby including masks once or twice a week in order to deeply moisturize our skin, in addition to our daily cream. Of course, we also think about exfoliation to remove all impurities. We make new skin with an exfoliant by avoiding those which are too aggressive. Our Surgras Soap from Bee Nature is a nice approach to gentle exfoliation for more sensitive skin thanks to poppy seeds.

Remember to put on sweaters to warm up before turning on the heater at very high temperatures. Indeed, hot air dries your skin, making it more vulnerable to small ailments such as redness and dryness. In the same way, very hot baths should also be avoided so as not to dry out your skin.



For little hands, the key is regular moisturizing. It’s still too early to wear gloves, but the lower temperatures still affect the epidermis. So we think of our hand cream that we can easily carry around with us in our bag; our Bee Nature Hand Cream, in its ideal format, ensures long-lasting hydration without leaving our skin sticky.


It is often said that the extremities are the most affected by the cold: nose, ears, hands, feet. Butwhat about our lips? It is an area of the face that needs more attention in these colder moments because the skin is much thinner and more sensitive. So we think to use a care that will prevent and heal the damaged or cracked lips. Our Bee Nature Lip Careis the nugget of the winter season: 100% natural and Belgian, it nourishes the lips deeply and durably thanks to honey and vegetable oils rich in repairing fatty acids. Without endocrine disruptor or mineral oil, it is our favorite!

The loss of brightness outside has a considerable impact on the complexion. We also turn the heat back on in our homes and the skin starts to feel tight, itchy and dry. That’s why applying Bee Nature Moisturizing Face Cream every day will nourish and protect the skin against the cold and wind. Enriched with honey and avocado oil, it moisturises the skin deep down for regenerated and restructured skin and a radiant complexion. And don’t forget the body! After a bath or shower, before going to bed or upon waking, moisturize with Bee Nature Nourishing Body Milk for soft and supple skin even in winter.


Take care of yourself and your skin every season with Bee Nature…




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