Natural Dermatology Institute

Our credo

Taking care of your skin is essential throughout your life. From the immature skin of the newborn to that weakened with age, it provides the vital functions of protection, regulation, perception,
metabolism, well-being, and also has a social role. Natural Dermatology is a reasoned and enlightened approach, selecting the most appropriate dermocosmetic treatments, based on their natural composition, healthy for health and the environment, and their good dermatological tolerance.

The Natural Dermatology Institute was founded in 2017 to guide and advise health professionals, scientists and the general public who wish to make the most appropriate choices in terms of dermocosmetic care, in order to give them the knowledge, access and motivation to practice and promote healthy and informed dermatology.

From Research & Development to Production, everything is made in Belgium and therefore local.
Our production site is at the forefront of the rational use of energy and raw materials, with a view to protecting the environment as much as possible. A significant part of its electrical energy needs are met using photovoltaic technology. In conjunction with a timber company, its circular economy allows it to use sawmill residues to produce a substantial part of the heat needed to manufacture its cosmetics. Finally, the site’s industrial water treatment allows it to operate in a closed loop by endlessly recycling water.

Our objectives

  • Develop and share cutting-edge expertise on Natural Dermatology, based on objective and independent data
  • To facilitate and promote the development, communication and application of research and understanding in Natural Dermatology
  • To provide health professionals with access to the most up-to-date information on Natural Dermatology, as well as tools to guide them and their patients in their choices in healthy and natural dermatology
  • To help health professionals adopt a practical and facilitated approach to Natural Dermatology
    Provide the population with the knowledge and tools to optimize and facilitate their approach to natural dermocosmetic care.

What we propose


  • Tools and materials to better understand and analyze dermocosmetic care compositions, and to choose natural and well-tolerated treatments
  • Information through various communication channels on Natural Dermatology
  • Accredited training and conferences for health professionals
  • Training and conferences for the general public
    Sharing information on our expertise topics with various communication media (magazines, journals, etc.)

More info?

If you want to know more, receive our decoding media for ingredients, and choose the best natural and dermatologically well tolerated care : contact us

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