Sterile honey

Used in all Babyzz products.

Honey poses a significant risk to children under the age of one.

The use of sterile honey for our Babyzz products is therefore essential. Our R&D approach being to develop the most qualitative care possible, with high added value raw materials, we have tried to find the most suitable solution. To do this, we naturally turned to Honeypatch’s MGHOS (medical grade honey organic sterile). This honey guarantees first of all an organic origin and the absence of any contaminant (pesticide, heavy metals, etc.). It is also a sterile honey obtained by gamma technology. Gamma sterilization technology is very well known, safe and easy to validate. It is an efficient and flexible method of sterilization.

The objective of this approach is to continue to offer the most natural care possible (99% or even 100% natural), certified organic, with high quality and effective raw materials, but also taking into account the particular fragility that the neonatal and pediatric population represents. The safety of our products is essential. And we are convinced that it is possible to combine at best naturalness / organic certification and technology to preserve the safety of our consumers.

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