Our Labels

Discover our labels. Our company and all our products are certified. This guarantees an ecological approach and well-being for you and your skin.

Ecocert – Cosmos Organic

COSMOS certification guarantees:

  • production and transformation processes that respect the environment and human health
  • the development of the green chemistry concept
  • responsible use of natural resources
  • respect for biodiversity
  • the absence of petrochemical ingredients (except for authorised preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and dyes
  • the absence of GMOs
  • recyclable packaging
    Our products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified because:
  • All the ingredients used are of natural origin (min. 99%)
  • At least 95% of the plants they contain are organic
  • At least 20% of the ingredients present in the overall formula are organic (10% for rinse-off products)


A label that guarantees a composition of natural and organic cosmetics… and more! The Cosmebio label guarantees not only a formula, but also everything around it, thus covering the whole life cycle of the product.
Bearing the Cosmebio label means:

  • Being the guarantors of safe and effective cosmetics: natural and organic.
  • Promoting organic farming, taking action to restore biodiversity and respond to climate change.
  • Improving the environmental footprint of products throughout their lifetime, from harvesting to packaging, including the modes of transport chosen.
  • Building fair relationships at all stages and with all stakeholders in the sector.
  • Communicating transparently on the advantages as well as on the dilemmas/difficulties: transparent and educational message.
  • Continuously improving the Cosmebio label and making it increasingly stringent, without waiting for regulations.


The Ecogarantie label rewards quality, ecological and organic cosmetic products. This label highlights production process using natural, biological, non toxic and low polluted raw materials which respect the environment.


The AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies) recommendation specifically distinguishes products taking into account different dermatological pathologies and bringing a benefit to people suffering from allergies.

Slow Cosmétique

The Slow Cosmétique label helps guide consumers towards the choice of cosmetic products with a responsible approach, respectful of health and the environment. This label rewards healthy, ecological, transparent, ethical and reasoned cosmetics.

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