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The Bee Nature range comprises various products for wellbeing that are intended for daily use by the whole family.

The Bee Nature concept: natural care products based on honey and plant extracts

Bee Nature is a new honey-based cosmetic range. The products are of natural origin and do not contain phenoxyethanol or mineral oil. The company Bee Nature Cosmetic SPRL was set up in February 2012, and the person behind the venture is Marine André, a 23-year-old Belgian businesswoman. Her idea took shape and developed in the context of her end-of-course work placement and dissertation, which led to her graduating in Management Engineering with a specialisation in marketing. The Bee Nature range comprises various products for wellbeing that are intended for daily use by the whole family.

Made in Belgium

All products in the Bee Nature range are made in Belgium, using honey produced by local beekeepers! Honey alone, the main ingredient of Bee Nature’s various treatments, has all of the following properties: it is moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, healing, softening, antiseptic and anti-oxidizing. It also plays the role of preservative and vehicle for the other ingredients: thanks to its presence, the plant extracts are better absorbed by our skin.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to define the terms and conditions under which the company Bee Nature Cosmetic sprl (hereinafter referred to as “Bee Nature”), with its registered office established at Wavre and registered for VAT purposes under number 0843-735-395, offers and sells its products to its customers, that is to say any natural person of age, who is not a retailer or trader, who makes a purchase at Bee Nature’s online store. All orders placed on the website are subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The company Bee Nature reserves the right to adapt or alter the General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. The version applicable to any transaction shall be that appearing online on the website www.beenature-shop at the time the order is placed.


The customer acknowledges having read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at the time the order is placed, and expressly declares that he/she accepts them unreservedly. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the contractual relations between Bee Nature and its customer, the two parties accepting them unreservedly.


The customer declares that he/she is a natural person aged 18 or over and has legal capacity or is the holder of parental consent permitting him/her to place an order on the website www.beenature-shop.be. When entering his/her personal particulars under the heading “my account”, the customer must make sure that the compulsory details that have to be given are provided in full and are accurate. Should there be an error in the wording of the recipient’s name and address details, the company Bee Nature may not be held responsible in the event of it proving impossible to deliver the product. The company Bee Nature reserves the right to cancel any order in cases where the customer’s IP address is officially registered in a country other than that of the billing and/or delivery address. The customer states that the purchase of these products has no direct connection with his/her professional activity, and that their purchase is intended solely for his/her personal use.


Order-taking on the website is subject to observance of the procedure set in place by Bee Nature. This is represented by a succession of steps that the customer absolutely must follow in order to validate his/her order. Before final validation of his/her order, the customer will have the chance to check the itemised order and the total price, and to correct any mistakes, in particular as regards the delivery address, before confirming the order as an indication of his/her acceptance. Any order confirmed by the customer shall hold as a sale contract and imply acceptance of these terms and conditions. Bee Nature shall refuse any order from a customer in respect of whom there is a dispute or incident outstanding concerning payment of a previous order, or that were to infringe the provisions of these terms and conditions. In the event of this occurring, Bee Nature shall notify the customer by e-mail. If the customer fails to correct those elements that were incorrect or contrary to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale by approaching Bee Nature to this end, Bee Nature reserves the right not to process the order. Bee Nature undertakes to send a confirmation e-mail summarising the order (product(s), price, quantity, discounts, etc.) to the e-mail address provided when the order was placed. For this purpose, the customer formally agrees to electronic mail being used for Bee Nature’s confirmation of the content of his/her order. Invoices are submitted at the time of delivery.


Prices are quoted in euros per individual item, inclusive of VAT, and are understood as being exclusive of costs relating to extra processing, dispatch, transport and delivery, as detailed in the article entitled “Delivery”. Bee Nature reserves the right to adjust its prices at any time. However, products will be billed on the basis of the prices in force at the time of order entry.


Internet users can place an order on this website and pay for it by banker’s card (Bancontact/MisterCash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, among others). Payments by banker’s card are made by means of secure transactions provided for by the Paypal and Hipay service providers. The publisher of this website does not have access to any data whatsoever relating to the user’s means of payment. Payment is transacted directly in the hands of the banking institution.


Orders are delivered worldwide by the National Post Office Service (“La Poste”). Dispatch takes between two and eight working days, depending on the country in which you are taking delivery. Bee Nature informs the purchaser of the parcel number when dispatch is confirmed. From this point on the purchaser can track the parcel on the website of La Poste. The product is delivered to the billing address unless any instruction to the contrary has been given in the fields provided for this purpose when the order was placed. The user may not make any claim for compensation in the event of late delivery by the carrier. Moreover, if there is any anomaly upon receipt (i.e. the parcel has been damaged, opened, etc.), the user will have to submit his/her complaint to the carrier within two working days, by registered letter, a copy of which will be forwarded to Bee Nature. If the user is present when the parcel is delivered, he/she will have to inform the delivery man of his/her reservations. These mail handling problems are to be resolved first and foremost with the carrier; Bee Nature may not be held responsible for them. Bee Nature may not be held responsible, either, if customs charges have to be applied in the country in which you are taking delivery. Any defect or any delay in delivery lasting more than eight working days must be reported to us. If the customer has given an incomplete address or an incorrect delivery address, the new dispatch will be billed in addition to the order. If the delivery had been free of charge, the new dispatch will be billed. The customer has the chance of having his/her order refunded, less the delivery charges actually incurred.


The customer has a period of 14 clear days in which to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, without having to explain the reasons or pay any penalty amounts other than the costs of return postage. This period starts to run from delivery of the order, and the customer exercises this right by returning the still new products (not opened and/or not used), at his/her own expense, together with the order number, to the following address: Bee Nature SA, Rue des Saules 27, 1380 Lasne (Belgique). When the 14-days period ends on a Saturday, a Sunday, a bank holiday or a public holiday, it is extended to the first working day thereafter. Products returned by the purchaser that are found to be incomplete or damaged will not be taken back. Product refunds will be made no later than 30 days after the company Bee Nature has taken receipt of the products in question. The refund will be effected using the same payment method chosen by the customer when the order was placed.


For any information, or if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us by e-mail, at: info@beenature.be.


In the online sale process, Bee Nature is only bound by a best-effort obligation: it may not be responsible for any damage resulting from use of the Internet, such as loss of data, intrusion, viruses, interruption in the service, or other problems caused unintentionally. Photographs, texts or characteristics illustrating the products are not contractual and therefore may not involve Bee Nature’s responsibility. Bee Nature’s responsibility with regard to the buyer on the basis of the sale of products shall be limited in any case to the sum paid by the buyer.


These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Belgian law, without regard for the rules on interterritorial conflicts of laws. You accept that any legal action ensuing from your use of this website or from these General Terms and Conditions shall be brought solely before the courts of Nivelles (Belgium) and you expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of these courts for the purposes of such proceedings.


Provision of the information that Bee Nature collects for the purposes of distance selling is compulsory, since this information is essential for order handling and delivery. All or some of this information may be passed on to Bee Nature’s service providers who are involved in the process of order fulfilment. Failure to provide information results in the order not being validated. The customer has the right to access, alter, correct, object to and delete the particulars relating to him/her. Furthermore, Bee Nature undertakes not to pass on its customers’ contact details to third parties, either free of charge or for a consideration.


Should a specific clause in the Terms and Conditions of Sale be declared null and void, the remaining clauses shall remain in force. The clause that has been declared null and void shall be replaced according to the legal procedure.

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