General terms and conditions of sale

Here are our general conditions of sale.

The Bee Nature concept: natural care products based on honey and plant extracts

Made in Belgium

All products in the Bee Nature range are made in Belgium, using honey produced by local beekeepers! Honey alone, the main ingredient of Bee Nature’s various treatments, has all of the following properties: Moisturising, nourishing, soothing, healing, softening, antiseptic and antioxidant. It also plays the role of preservative and vehicle for the other ingredients: thanks to its presence, the plant extracts are better absorbed by our skin.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale


“PRODUCTS”: The cosmetic PRODUCTS marketed by BEE NATURE, including, if applicable, packaging, and appearing in the current BEE NATURE catalogs.

“BEE NATURE”: The company BEE NATURE COSMETIC SA, registered with the ECB under number 843.735.395, having its registered office at 1380 Lasne, chaussée de Louvain 435, seller of the PRODUCTS.

“CUSTOMER”: Any natural or legal person who places an order with BEE NATURE, whether or not the CUSTOMER is the end user and/or recipient of the PRODUCTS.

“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE”, hereinafter “GTC”: The present contract between BEE NATURE and the CUSTOMER, the purpose of which is to define the terms and conditions under which BEE NATURE undertakes to sell the PRODUCTS to the CUSTOMER and under which the CUSTOMER undertakes to purchase the PRODUCTS under the conditions defined below.


BEE NATURE’s sales are exclusively governed by these GTC, to the exclusion of any other document such as prospectus, catalogs, or documentation issued by BEE NATURE, which are provided for information purposes only and have only an indicative value. Placing an order with BEE NATURE implies acceptance of these GTC, which prevail over any contrary provision appearing on order forms, any general conditions of purchase, or any other document issued by the CLIENT. All additions, deletions, modifications or deletions made to these GTCs that are not approved by BEE NATURE are void. The fact that BEE NATURE does not take advantage of any of the present GTC at a given moment cannot be interpreted as a renunciation to take advantage of any of the said GTC at a later date. In the event of special agreements between BEE NATURE and the CUSTOMER, these agreements may derogate from certain provisions of these GTC, the other provisions of which remain applicable as not contrary to them. Any modification of BEE NATURE’s General Terms and Conditions, or any acceptance by BEE NATURE of a specification or condition of any kind whatsoever, can only be taken into account by the CUSTOMER after a formal agreement has been signed. Its consent in any capacity whatsoever cannot be tacit; it is always express and written.


BEE NATURE may at any time modify the characteristics of the PRODUCTS it sells for any reason whatsoever, regardless of these characteristics. These modifications may occur at any time, including after the CLIENT’s order if these modifications result from the application of standards, texts or regulations of any kind applicable to the PRODUCTS.


BEE NATURE’s offers never constitute recommendations by BEE NATURE. The choice of PRODUCTS is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER in relation to the use he wishes to make of them. The CLIENT is solely responsible for this choice. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility, where applicable, to make the necessary checks to ensure that the PRODUCTS ordered are compatible with the intended use. This clause is a determining condition of the sale of the PRODUCTS by BEE NATURE. BEE NATURE’s offers are made subject to the availability of the PRODUCTS at the time the order is received.


Orders are placed by any written means only or by any secure electronic means made available by BEE NATURE to the CLIENT. The acceptance of the order by BEE NATURE is materialized by the delivery of the PRODUCTS or by confirmation of the order. Any modification or cancellation of an order requested by the CLIENT can only be taken into consideration if it is received in writing by BEE NATURE before the PRODUCTS are shipped. In case of unavailability of the PRODUCTS, orders will only be considered accepted at the end of the period of unavailability of the PRODUCTS. The CLIENT will be informed of such unavailability by any means.


In order to take into account the legal constraints applicable to the PRODUCTS, the latter are sold at the price in force on the date of invoicing. Prices are exclusive of tax. BEE NATURE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Any tax, duty or other service to be paid in application of Belgian or foreign laws and regulations shall be borne by the CLIENT. Unless expressly agreed otherwise by BEE NATURE, the carriage costs are fixed at 150 Euros per order and 250 Euros for Key Accounts orders. The products are ordered in multiples of 3 per reference. In the event that the carriage free rate is not reached, BEE NATURE will apply the delivery charges linked to the order.


Delivery is made by handing over the PRODUCTS by wholesaler or carrier to the CUSTOMER at the address mentioned on the order. The CUSTOMER undertakes not to delay receipt. Shipments are made according to availability and in the order of arrival of orders. BEE NATURE is authorized to make deliveries in whole or in part. BEE NATURE is released from its obligation to execute orders in the event of force majeure events making delivery impossible.


8.1. The risks associated with the transport of the PRODUCTS are transferred to the CLIENT CLIENT upon delivery.

8.2. BEE NATURE retains ownership of the PRODUCTS until the CUSTOMER has fulfilled all its obligations under the order accepted by BEE NATURE, including full payment of the price and all taxes relating to the PRODUCTS.

8.3. The retention of title to the PRODUCTS shall not affect the transfer of risk.

8.4. In the event of seizure of the PRODUCTS, the CLIENT must immediately notify BEE NATURE.


9.1. Invoices are payable by any means by the CUSTOMER, via carrier, at the headquarters of BEE NATURE, net and without discount at the time of order.

9.2. Any complaints do not exempt the CUSTOMER from paying each invoice on the due date.

9.3. Any delay in the payment of invoices will automatically and without prior notice lead to late payment interest corresponding to the law of August 2, 2022 concerning the fight against late payment in commercial transactions, to be paid by the CUSTOMER, starting from the due date of the invoice.

9.4. In the event that legal action should be taken to obtain payment of the sums still due, BEE NATURE is entitled, without prejudice to the legal costs, to claim compensation for the damage suffered. Any collection costs will be charged to the CLIENT. The amount of the invoices can in no way be reduced by the CLIENT of the sums that may be owed by BEE NATURE.


10.1. BEE NATURE reserves the right, by any written means, to suspend and/or terminate an order from the CUSTOMER, in particular in the event of: a) non-payment or delay in the payment of all or part of the price of one of its orders on the due date by the CUSTOMER; b) failure by the CUSTOMER to fulfil any of its obligations. 10.2. The suspension or termination will be acquired automatically and by right immediately upon receipt of the information referred to in point 10.2. above, without the need for any other prior formal notice or judicial authorization. In this case, BEE NATURE reserves the right to repossess the PRODUCTS already delivered without prejudice to any damages and interest.


11.1. The CUSTOMER is recommended, at the time of delivery, to check the quality, quantities, references and conformity to the order of the PRODUCTS.

11.2. The CUSTOMER is advised to indicate the delivery note number or the order number in his complaint. The CUSTOMER is recommended to provide any justification as to the reality of the nonconformities noted.
The CUSTOMER will allow BEE NATURE to proceed with the observation of these nonconformities.

11.3. No Product can be returned without prior written agreement from BEE NATURE. Following agreement on the return, the method of shipment is specified to the CUSTOMER. The risks of the return are the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.

11.4. Returns accepted by BEE NATURE will result in the free replacement, in the same quantities, of the PRODUCT recognized as not conforming to the order by BEE NATURE, and after verification by BEE NATURE of the returned PRODUCTS.


Bee Nature is bound by the legal guarantee of conformity of consumer goods;

Bee Nature is liable to the buyer for any lack of conformity that appears within 2 years from delivery of the goods.

12.1. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to verify that the PRODUCTS’ properties allow them to be used for the purpose and under the conditions for which the CLIENT intended them. As an essential condition of the sale, the CLIENT is solely responsible for the use of the PRODUCTS supplied by BEE NATURE and their suitability for the intended use. The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for ensuring that the PRODUCTS purchased are compatible with any other products or materials with which they are to be in direct or indirect contact, that they are used in accordance with good practice, and that the conditions under which the PRODUCTS are to be used are met. It is solely responsible for ensuring that the appropriate safety conditions are observed. It is also the CLIENT’s sole responsibility to ensure that the PRODUCTS comply with safety regulations for the use in question. CLIENT shall comply with all laws, regulations and/or guidelines applicable to the use of the PRODUCTS. The CLIENT is advised to verify the integrity of the PRODUCTS received and their packaging.

12.2. As the PRODUCTS have a limited shelf life, the CLIENT is responsible for, among other things, using the PRODUCTS before the end of the said shelf life.

12.3. The CLIENT must ensure that its premises and storage conditions are suitable for the proper preservation of the PRODUCTS and provide the safety guarantees required by the regulations in force and the rules of the trade. No guarantee is provided by BEE NATURE in this respect.

12.4. Subject to any legal provision of public order, BEE NATURE’s obligations are limited to the sale and delivery of PRODUCTS that comply with the requirements of the regulations in force applicable to this type of PRODUCTS, to the exclusion of any implementation, which remains the CLIENT’s own business.

12.5. The PRODUCTS are covered by legal warranties only. In any event, BEE NATURE’s warranty shall be limited to the free replacement, in the same quantities, of the PRODUCT recognized as defective by BEE NATURE, to the exclusion of any indemnity or damages and provided that the CUSTOMER notifies BEE NATURE of the defect immediately after its discovery by any written means during the legal warranty period. Defective PRODUCTS will be returned to BEE NATURE according to the same procedure as that applicable to PRODUCTS that do not conform to the order.

12.6. BEE NATURE is not responsible for the unsuitability, defects or deterioration of the PRODUCTS, or caused by the PRODUCTS and which would result from : – storage or use of the PRODUCTS not in accordance with these GTC; – natural wear and tear of the PRODUCTS or unsuitable storage conditions; – PRODUCTS received in unsealed packaging and not returned by the CUSTOMER; – abnormal, improper or unsuitable use of the PRODUCTS or not compatible with the PRODUCTS; – any direct or indirect contact of the PRODUCTS with any material, product or equipment of the CUSTOMER modification or improper or non-compliant use of any PRODUCT. Such unsuitability, defects or deterioration are excluded from any warranty. BEE NATURE cannot be held responsible for these facts.

12.7. Any liability of BEE NATURE is excluded in cases where the specifications provided by the CUSTOMER and expressly accepted in writing by BEE NATURE contain errors or are not exhaustive.

12.8. BEE NATURE shall not be liable for any claim or legal action regarding the PRODUCTS arising out of or relating to the advertising, promotion, modification, misuse or ownership or misuse of the PRODUCTS or other negligence, or wrongful conduct on the part of the CUSTOMER, its employees, representatives or agents.

12.9. In view of BEE NATURE’s and the CLIENT’s obligations to trace the PRODUCTS, if the CLIENT decides to transfer the PRODUCT acquired from BEE NATURE to a third party not identified by BEE NATURE, the use of the PRODUCT by the third party shall be the sole responsibility of the CLIENT. Nevertheless, for obvious security reasons, the CLIENT undertakes by the acceptance of the present contract to ensure the continuity of the traceability of the PRODUCTS acquired from BEE NATURE in accordance with the regulations.

12.10. Upon request from BEE NATURE, the CUSTOMER shall strictly comply with BEE NATURE’s instructions in the event of the removal or recall of any of the PRODUCTS. The CUSTOMER shall keep appropriate records to enable it to carry out such removal or recall.

12.11. The CUSTOMER undertakes to report to BEE NATURE, in writing and without delay, any suspicious information that may be received or identified concerning the PRODUCTS.

12.12. BEE NATURE does not under any circumstances guarantee any indirect and/or immaterial damage whatsoever that may be caused by the PRODUCTS to the CLIENT or to any third party.

12.13. Dispute Resolution >


BEE NATURE and all distinctive signs and names on the PRODUCTS are registered trademarks, the use of which is not granted to the CLIENT by this contract. The present GTC shall not imply any transfer of patent license or any other industrial property right whatsoever or any marketing and/or distribution right from BEE NATURE to the CLIENT on the transferred PRODUCTS. Any resale of a PRODUCT shall be subject to BEE NATURE’s prior consent and shall be subject to BEE NATURE’s terms and conditions.


The relationship between BEE NATURE and the CUSTOMER is subject to Belgian law. All disputes relating to the relationship between BEE NATURE and the CUSTOMER, subject of these GTC, will be submitted exclusively to the Court of the company of Walloon Brabant, even in the event of appeal in guarantee or of plurality of defendants.


15.1. If there is a consumer purchase, where a distance contract is entered into between the Seller and the Buyer, the Buyer has the possibility to inform the Seller of his/her desire to withdraw within a period of 14 calendar days as of the day after the Buyer or third party designated by the Buyer physically takes possession of the Products and/or other items. The Buyer must exercise this right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, where the terms of return (by the Buyer) and reimbursement (by the Seller) are also subject to this law.

  • To withdraw, the consumer can either use the model withdrawal form or make another unambiguous statement (by phone, email, letter, etc.).
    Here is the form: https: //
  • To notify his will to retract, the Customer has a period of 14 days from the day after the delivery.
  • To return the goods, the Customer has a new period of 14 days starting the day after the consumer informs Bee nature of his decision to withdraw.
  • The Customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal.
  • If the Customer withdraws, the company will refund all payments received from the Customer, including delivery charges.
  • Bee Nature makes the refund using the same means of payment that the Customer used for the initial transaction, unless the Customer expressly agrees to another means of payment and provided that the refund does not incur any costs for the Customer.
  • To refund the Customer, Bee Nature has a period of 14 days from the day after it is informed of the consumer’s decision to withdraw. However, Bee Nature may defer the refund until the goods are recovered, or until the consumer has provided proof of shipment of the Products, whichever comes first.
  • In the event of the return of a Product that is no longer in its original condition, the Customer will be liable to pay compensation for the depreciation of the Products.

15.3 The Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if the Products and/or other sealed items have been opened after delivery and cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene.

15.5. The consumer can either use the model withdrawal form (available at the following address:, or make another unambiguous statement.

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