Review Policy

Find here the information concerning the reviews

1. How are the reviews controlled?

In order to post a review, Customers must have made a purchase of at least one Product on the website by creating an account and logging in. An email requesting feedback is automatically sent to the Customer 14 days after the purchase.

A moderation of reviews is done manually by Bee Nature and Bee Nature verifies that the reviews submitted respect the rules explained below.
No external service has access to the reviews or personal data only Bee Nature has access.

Bee Nature will reject any review whose content would violate morality, public order, the rights of others or applicable laws and regulations.

Similarly, in order to be published, a review must not contain:

  • critical comments on other reviews published on the Site or on their authors;
  • comments on the safety of a product;
  • of random characters or sequences of meaningless words.

As such,
Opinions on the physical characteristics of products and their use, whether positive or negative, will be published, as is currently the case.
Reviews related to the physical characteristics of the products and their use that are accompanied by comments/notices related to customer service (i.e., orders, payments, and deliveries), whether positive or negative, will be published equally so that there is no “cherry-picking” of reviews. Of course, Bee Nature will also continue to contact the customer to resolve any problems related to customer service.
However, when it appears from the review that the product has not been used correctly (e.g. body products used on the face), Bee Nature contacts the customer to explain the correct use of the product, rather than publishing the review which could lead to confusion. In these circumstances Bee Nature will indicate to the customer that his comment will not be published, since it follows a misuse of the product.
Reviews that relate only to customer service (i.e., orders, payments, and deliveries), and are not related to the physical characteristics of the products and the consumer’s experience using them, whether positive or negative, are not published. These reviews will be treated in the sense that the customer will receive an adequate response from the customer service.
Reviews with objectionable language as stated in our review policy (racist/insulting/…) will not be published.

In case of refusal to publish a review, the Customer will be informed of the reason for this refusal by sending an e-mail. In some cases, he will be offered to modify the content of his review and to post it on the Site.

2. How soon are the reviews published? How long are the reviews kept?

Reviews are generally published within two to five business days of being sent by the Clients.

The content of the published reviews will be kept as long as Bee Nature offers Bee Nature on its Site.

3. Is it possible to change a review?

Once a review has been sent, validated by Bee Nature and published on the Site, a Customer cannot obtain the modification or deletion of the content of his review.

4. How to report a review?

We may remove a review if:

  • its author was not allowed to write one. For example, if the author of the review is an employee, a competitor, or has been paid to write a false review
  • if it posts harmful or illegal content. For example: hate speech or discrimination, terrorism-related content, threats or violent messages and obscene content
  • It contains your personal information
  • It is not based on authentic experience

We don’t delete content because you don’t like it or don’t agree with its message, or because it expresses criticism of someone.

Each review can only be reported for one reason at a time. We evaluate the review according to the chosen reason for reporting.

We invite you to send your report to our customer service department:

By mail : Bee Nature SA, Chaussée de Louvain 435, 1380 Lasne, Belgium

By email : On

All reports must be accompanied by the notice you wish to report and the reason for it. You will need to send us your email address and confirm that the information you have provided is true and correct.

We may ask you for more details about the reason for your report. For example; to explain why the notice violates our terms of use.

If the review does not violate our terms of use, the report will be rejected and the notice will remain online.

If the review does violate our Terms of Use but can be modified to comply with them (e.g., if it contains personal information that can be removed), we will request that the submitter make the necessary changes. If our request remains unanswered, the notice will be withdrawn.

If the review violates our terms of use and cannot be amended to comply with them (for example, if the author of the review was not authorized to write the notice), it will be removed.

Given the possible evolution of the Site and the Service, Bee Nature reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these terms of use without prior notice. The new conditions of use of the Service will, if necessary, be brought to the attention of each Customer by online modification and will be applicable only to notes and comments submitted after the modification

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